Nobody's Heartless Edit

Nobody's Heartless is a  series based on the previous travels of Sora and the gang from the popular video game series;: Kingdom Hearts. It simply continues the series to an extent that does not affiliate with the story lines of any Kingdom Hearts games outside of Kingdom Hearts I, II, and Chain of Memories. The main characters vary between the books. For instance: the main protagonist in the first installment is Kairi, as apposed to the second and third where Sora is the main protagonist and the fourth enstallment where Ienzo (Original form of Zexion: Rank XI in Organization XIII).is.

Series Setup Edit

In the series, Kairi is the main character only because Sora has gone missing and to keep his whereabouts a secret, the first enstallmentn is centered on the evwents that take place within Kairi's life. In the second and shortest enstallment, Sora is sent to a realm after the events at the end of the first. There, he becomes the main protagonist and is always in the story while tyhe other characters pop out of and into the story line. In the third enstallment, the point of view changes throughout the story between Sora, Kairi,and members of Organization XIII.

Secrets and Surprises Edit

In the first enstallment of Nobody's Heartless, 3 characters are included into the story. Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox, and Knuckles the Echinda from the semi-popular video game series Sonics the Hedgehog. They were on a mission and they were sucked out of their world and put into the home world of Sora, Kairi, and Riku: Destiny Islands.

Enstallments Edit

There are 4 enstallments in Nobody's Heartless. The first enstallment is simply entitled "Nobody's Heartless (book)" giving the series its name. The second enstallment is entitled:"Truth Purge". The third enstallment is entitled: "Backforward" which symbolizes going back and forward simultaneously, thus insinuating that time is standing still. The last is entitled: "The 6th Apprentice" because the story follows Ienzo (Original of Zexion and Xehanort's 6th Apprentice).

Copyright and Credit Edit

This series is completely and utterly un-copyrighted. However I would not be happy with the stealing of this story, I have no control over it. IU also take no credit for any characters, story lines, settings, etc. that were copyrighted in the Kingdom Hearts Series or the Sonic the Hedgehog Series. All of that credit goes to Square Enix, Disney Interactive Studios, and SEGA.